April 30, 2010

Keeping the memory of loved ones close....

Tracy Grant, a Washington Post writer and editor, penned this lovely article, "Cleaning Out a Shared Closet After a Spouse's Death Is Not Mere Housekeeping", about finally confronting and dealing with her deceased husband's clothes. It's a wonderful piece that deals, simultaneously, with house-keeping and soul-keeping. I wrote to Tracy and thanked her for sharing her experience and offered her a suggestion about how to re-purpose those flannel shirts that she thought would never be used again:
Make pillows.
To hug.
In bed.
To remember.

Betz White, Stitch Beautifully; Tread Lightly, offers some great hints about how to re-purpose beloved sweaters, shirts, and jackets into pillows.

Thanks Tracy. Thanks Betz.


April 25, 2010

Can One Live on Buldoc and Muslin Alone???

Okay, stop whatever it is that you are doing and IMMEDIATELY register for Susan Khalje's Draping Class with Julien Cristofoli. As always, Susan has a true gift for getting these sorts of opportunities just right for the audience, content, time and space. As someone who has a finite amount of time and resources it is very reassuring to know that her classes will be worth every moment and penny. Twelve sewists from all corners of the US gathered in Baltimore and spent four days learning the art of moulage. About half of the group owned, or were planning to start, their own design/sewing enterprise and the other half were there to better their skills for personal sewing (I am in the latter basket). Julien is an UBER skilled teacher and incredible designer - he pushed every design limit I had last week - what a pleasure! Enjoy the photos of our time together...


April 3, 2010

Finally - Another Female in the House!

For 18 years it had been me and the two Y chromosomes! Then KPG headed to UVM and Lauren moved in for 6 months - pure bliss to have another female in the house who "got" all the hair-brained "stuff" that I love! Alas, Lauren moved out (welcome to the adult world of life) and enter Bogey - outnumbered AGAIN! But today - my new BFF arrived!! Welcome "Roxy" - my new collapsible arm professional dress form - from Roxy Displays in NYC (actually East Brunswick NJ, but close enough!). I think she just might be the perfect roommate!

Ah bueno!