April 30, 2010

Keeping the memory of loved ones close....

Tracy Grant, a Washington Post writer and editor, penned this lovely article, "Cleaning Out a Shared Closet After a Spouse's Death Is Not Mere Housekeeping", about finally confronting and dealing with her deceased husband's clothes. It's a wonderful piece that deals, simultaneously, with house-keeping and soul-keeping. I wrote to Tracy and thanked her for sharing her experience and offered her a suggestion about how to re-purpose those flannel shirts that she thought would never be used again:
Make pillows.
To hug.
In bed.
To remember.

Betz White, Stitch Beautifully; Tread Lightly, offers some great hints about how to re-purpose beloved sweaters, shirts, and jackets into pillows.

Thanks Tracy. Thanks Betz.



Unknown said...

Great idea. I have a bunch of my mom's favorite button down tops, and I was trying to figure out how to make them into aprons or picture frames for my sisters. Pillows really would be so much easier!

Gorgeous Things said...

What a lovely idea.

ClaireOKC said...

This is so touching and creative in remembering a loved one past.

Bunny said...

Wonderful idea!

The Fru-Gals said...

I feel so inspired!


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