April 20, 2008

Itty Bitty Booties with my good friend Charlotte!

Charlotte and I met today and finished her mom's Mother's Day present – finally (we started it before LAST Mother's Day)!! I can't include a photo of that little item just yet - we don't want to ruin the surprise!

After we finished "the gift" we decided to make some Bitty Booties that I found on "Hello My Name is Heather" (via "Wee Wonderfuls"). One of the great benefits of having Charlotte come over for sewing instruction is that I get to experiment with all sorts of wonderful projects!

Back to the booties - - - click on the photo above for a free download of the adorable pattern.

Charlotte set to work designing her booties - searching through my stash boxes for bits of ribbon, buttons, beads, bells, etc! Only those of us with LOTS of stash boxes can understand the joy of having someone go through all those boxes and USE THE STUFF!!!

Here are a couple of photos of Charlotte's booties! Sooooo CUTE!!! We vowed to make many more pairs!!

And here's my contribution to the "bootie call"!!!! :)

Thanks CHARLOTTE!!!!! Oh yea, and Heather and Wee Wonderfuls!!!

April 15, 2008

Thanks Craft Magazine!

Craft Magazine featured my Nats Game Bag on their blog! Thanks again to the folks at Craft for the inspiration!!!

Click here to check it out!

April 12, 2008


Opening Day! One of the best days of the year!

Tradition dictates that I sew something new each year to wear, or to use, on opening day - just for good luck (and lordie know that the Nats need luck - any kinda luck)!! This year I decided to GO GREEN (inspired by the folks at Craftzine and Threadbanger), so I fashioned a "game bag" from plastic shopping bags - bags from Target, bags from a shop in Bergen, Norway and a bag from the Nats spring training team store. I love this bag 'cause it's GREEN but I also love it because it's "ballpark beer resistant". You know how you take a bag with you to the park and shove it under your seat and then the guy behind you spills his beer and throws his peanut shells all over your bag - well nothing to worry about with this baby - just wipe it off and give the guy behind you a smile!!!

So grab those plastic bags that are choking our environment and put them to good RE-use!

Peace and GO NATS!

My opening day "uniform"
(the coat was my 2006 opening day good luck sew - "sew" much for good luck!!)

The logo is from a bag from the Nats team store in Viero, Fl

The 'Sades Chicks (Amy, Ava, Nancy, Kathy, and me) with Coach Antoine at the new field!!!