January 5, 2008

DIY Mag to Launch - Great News!

Starting in February the gals from DIY Thing will launch "DIY City Mag" - a quarterly online magazine that celebrates the independent artist and the DIY spirit. The first several issues will feature DIY resources in a variety of US cities. Let's hope DC makes the list!! Thanks Wendy and Deb!


January 1, 2008

New Favorite Podcast....

"CoffeBreak Spanish" and "Threadbangers" move aside – the ladies of Grits to Glitz have stolen my heart and headset! This dynamic duo dish about PR with a refreshingly witty and thoughtful repartee (okay, they do discuss reality TV but they clearly have gray matter). Woo hoo!!!!


Tim for Prez

"I have made more bad decisions at 3 o'clock in the morning than I can list..." (Tim Gunn - Season 4)
As a total PR fan and a political junkie I have come to the conclusion that that we have no other choice but to vote for Tim in '08. No arguments, no debates necessary - just pick up you pencil, write him in and make it work!!