April 27, 2007

Isn't that Michael Kors and Laura? And wait, isn't that Marge Lee's dress???

Well, my close proximity to Michael Kors is a REALLY long story that I REALLY love to tell in person so hopefully I will have a chance to bore you all with my tale! Oh yea, about the dress....it is a vintage (circa 1968) lil silk shift that my mom (Marge, age 85) bought in a trendy little boutique in the Netherlands!

April 25, 2007

Five years and many more to go!

My good good friend Ava marked her 5 year breast cancer survival anniversary! Woo hoo!!!! I crafted this fabric postcard made of all things '5' to celebrate! Five golden rings, a five of diamonds, Beethoven's Fifth, Number 5 – Mets baseball player, high five, 5 inches, a nickel, etc, etc! So much fun to make for Ava!

April 20, 2007

April 18, 2007

Ever Wonder How Stitches are Made??

Originally uploaded by Capital Sew and Sew.
Click on the bobbin...

Now you know!!!!!!

Kudos to "Material Mama" for the 'video'

April 15, 2007

Opening Day "Costumes"

Theme dressing is, in my view, a definite "fashion don't" but for some inexplicable reason I am compelled each year to make an opening day "costume"! Yikes! Year One opening day project was the baseball duster. This year I recycled two old Nationals t-shirts into my favorite drop waist skirt. I think the "Stitch 'N Pitch" game night is an ideal venue for the official game day debut!