June 17, 2007

Sew What? - American Sewing Guild – May '07

The "Sew What?" group of the American Sewing Guild met at G-Street Fabrics for our May meeting. Alisa gave us a TERRIFIC demonstration about diagnosing and resolving fitting challenges and Micki shared with us her latest "fair-worthy" garments that she has entered, or will likely enter, in the Montgomery County Fair! The meeting was jam-packed with expert advice and creative inspiration! Thanks to everyone for making the meeting a success! See you next week for our June meeting (Sunday June 24th at 2:30 at G-Street Fabrics) when we will learn how to copy ready-to-wear garments!

June 8, 2007

"Please Sir, I want some more (fabric)"

So, I never thought that I would EVER be an advocate for on-line fabric shopping, especially after the long conversation I had with Mr. Chadick (Rosen and Chadick's in NYC) who said, to my complete horror, that, "These types of stores will be non-existent in 15 years - even in New York City!" PANIC! Rosen and Chadick, Mood Fabrics, Metro Textiles, etc. are like the old G-Street Fabric store (for those Washington DC denizens) when it was housed in a seven story building in downtown DC on G Street! Ah, the good ole days!! Alas, even in its modern day setting, the thought of losing G-Street is paralyzing!

That said, I have found two websites that are bringing me closer and closer to on-line fabric shopping: Gorgeous Fabrics and retrodepot.com. These two virtual fabric stores have very different approaches to fabric but I love, love, love their inventory! And an added bonus - the Gorgeous Fabrics site comes with the famous "Gorgeous Things" blogspot – a must read!!!

Soooooo, this is my weekend to take the plunge and actually order my first bundle of cyber-fabric! I will, of course, have to immediately go to G-Street and spend an equal amount of money there! Oh what a burden!!!!

Anyway, hop in your car and drive to you nearest fabric store and/or log onto your favorite site - but just keep buying that fabulous fabric!!

Have fun!

June 4, 2007

I'm dreamin' of a tropical vacation – Aloha!

I received my tea towel swap package today! I love love love it! Lynn made me a perfect pre-summer tea towel – Hula girls, palm trees, and hibiscus! She crafted a terrific towel with a great cotton print and then hand embroidered a WONDERFUL hula girl on the back! Even the reverse is exquisite! Thanks so much Lynn! I hope you are on that cruise to a tropical island right now!

June 3, 2007

A Study in Stripes

I am trying to move forward and polish some skills that have gotten a tad rusty as a result of my long sewing hiatus. During a recent open studio I had a discussion with a young sewist about matching stripes and plaids - I explained the need to think about the plaid/stripe when choosing a pattern, the need to spend time planning the layout, and the need for meticulous pinning! I realized that it had been quite some time since I had had to match a stripe or plaid! So, needing a new summer work skirt and having an ancient piece of cotton stripe in my fabric cache, I began my summer self-study program! Using a favorite skirt pattern (New Look 6413), I decided to add interest by running the stripes on the center front panel vertically and the side and back panels horizontally. In general, the stripes are aligned (depending on your degree of compulsiveness); however, my darts caused me the most problems and, ultimately, I was unable to match precisely the stripes at the darts. Frankly it seems to me a virtually impossible task.
Here are the photos....

Side seam alignment

Dart alignment

So any help with the dart issue is greatly appreciated!!!