June 8, 2007

"Please Sir, I want some more (fabric)"

So, I never thought that I would EVER be an advocate for on-line fabric shopping, especially after the long conversation I had with Mr. Chadick (Rosen and Chadick's in NYC) who said, to my complete horror, that, "These types of stores will be non-existent in 15 years - even in New York City!" PANIC! Rosen and Chadick, Mood Fabrics, Metro Textiles, etc. are like the old G-Street Fabric store (for those Washington DC denizens) when it was housed in a seven story building in downtown DC on G Street! Ah, the good ole days!! Alas, even in its modern day setting, the thought of losing G-Street is paralyzing!

That said, I have found two websites that are bringing me closer and closer to on-line fabric shopping: Gorgeous Fabrics and retrodepot.com. These two virtual fabric stores have very different approaches to fabric but I love, love, love their inventory! And an added bonus - the Gorgeous Fabrics site comes with the famous "Gorgeous Things" blogspot – a must read!!!

Soooooo, this is my weekend to take the plunge and actually order my first bundle of cyber-fabric! I will, of course, have to immediately go to G-Street and spend an equal amount of money there! Oh what a burden!!!!

Anyway, hop in your car and drive to you nearest fabric store and/or log onto your favorite site - but just keep buying that fabulous fabric!!

Have fun!

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