July 11, 2010

Lots of ideas and some sewing progress!

Nothing too much to show for my sewing labors but I have several projects on the ironing board so I hope for some completed garments soon! In the meantime, I have a couple of projects incubating and I need your collective creative souls to send me some guidance!

The Textile Museum is hosting another FAB-U-LOUS "PM @ the TM" garden cocktail party in August. All are encouraged to don their finest Mad Men garments! I have loads of ideas - here are a couple....

I'm think of crafting this Michael Kors sheath pattern from a sleek late 50's - early 60's fabric.
Any ideas about sources of vintage (or vintage-era) fabric??

And I soooooo want to re-create this - a vintage Hermes Trompe-l'oeil dress.

One rub.....I have no experience with painting on fabric. What fabric should I use for the dress? Any advice on the type of paint I should use? Any artists out there who would like to collaborate on this project??