September 26, 2010

Sew Local, Know Local!

Thanks Betz White!!!!!
For your compelling philosophy of thoughtful and environmentally-sensitive creativity and for your willingness to share locally!

Yesterday Betz White shared with a small group of metro DC ASG sewists her approach to sewing, her concern for, and interest in, the green sewing/crafting movement, gave us a look at her fabulous line of felted and green clothing and crafts, and provided us a glimpse onto the set of the Martha Stewart Living Show!

Take few minutes and check out her amazing talent - it will be time well-spent! Click here to view: Sew Beautifully; Tread Lightly.

Betz is the author of two books---
(from Amazon: Warm Fuzzies is filled with techniques, tips and patterns for creating over 30 cute and colorful felted items made from cast-away sweaters, including cozy pillows and throws as well as comfortable hats, scarves, pincushions and handbags)

(From Amazon: By its nature, do-it-yourself sewing is environmentally friendly. In Sewing Green, Betz White takes stitching to an even higher level of sustainability, presenting 25 projects made from "repurposed" thrift-store and back-of-the-closet finds and organic fabrics.)

These books are both terrific - I read Sewing Green last night (before I give it to Ava - sorry girlfriend but I couldn't resist!).
It is a great book for beginning and seasoned sewists - lots of ideas!

Here are a few photos of our time with Betz. She brought along every project described in the books ! They are as beautiful in person as they are photographed in the books!

I'm hoping that our DC Threads Sewing Lounge crew will have the chance to meet her in the near future.

The "Hot Doggie" felted sweater

Warm Fuzzie Confections!

Green Sewing Creations

Thanks again Betz!!!


September 12, 2010

Sewing Accomplished!

Not certain where or when my sewing inertia was overcome but I have been productive lately!

I need new DRESSES for work! I'm tired of getting up at "o'dark:30" and trying to find, iron and don multiple garments in an effort to look presentable (if not fab!). So dresses are my new best friend.

Now I do love a good DVF-inspired wrap dress - so I reached into my stash and pulled out a piece of Mood-divinely-soft-geometric-cotton-knit and Butterick 4976....

and here's the finished garment. The only change I made to the pattern was to NOT attach the self-belt so I would have more belting options.

....with the self-belt

....and then with a black patent belt (I love me my patent).

The only other alteration was to add a little elastic trim to the inside of each bodice piece to keep the front from "gapping" - it seems to have worked!

I've been working on a couple of more garments so I will post my progress soon!

Live! That's the message! Live!

I hope Ann S won't mind that I share her words of wisdom with my tiny blogsphere but I just think that she is spot on.
Click her for her words of wisdom: Gorgeous Things

September 3, 2010

Radio Silence

Facebook has eaten my sewing blog!