April 12, 2008


Opening Day! One of the best days of the year!

Tradition dictates that I sew something new each year to wear, or to use, on opening day - just for good luck (and lordie know that the Nats need luck - any kinda luck)!! This year I decided to GO GREEN (inspired by the folks at Craftzine and Threadbanger), so I fashioned a "game bag" from plastic shopping bags - bags from Target, bags from a shop in Bergen, Norway and a bag from the Nats spring training team store. I love this bag 'cause it's GREEN but I also love it because it's "ballpark beer resistant". You know how you take a bag with you to the park and shove it under your seat and then the guy behind you spills his beer and throws his peanut shells all over your bag - well nothing to worry about with this baby - just wipe it off and give the guy behind you a smile!!!

So grab those plastic bags that are choking our environment and put them to good RE-use!

Peace and GO NATS!

My opening day "uniform"
(the coat was my 2006 opening day good luck sew - "sew" much for good luck!!)

The logo is from a bag from the Nats team store in Viero, Fl

The 'Sades Chicks (Amy, Ava, Nancy, Kathy, and me) with Coach Antoine at the new field!!!


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Rebecca said...

I love it! Combining sports with crafting? I need to do that. :)