March 25, 2008

Comfy Literature!

Happy Birthday Nattie!

I whipped up this Reading Pillow using a Montessori by Hand pattern (sold here on Etsy) and some wonderful batik fabric from G-Street! Nattie seemed too happy to have a comfy place to rest her book! I think she may have even taken it with her to Rome! A well-traveled pillow!

Here is all that you need to make this WONDERFUL reading pillow (except for the polyfil)! The pattern provides instructions for making your own piping but my usual crisis sewing situation ruled out making my own piping so I opted for some bright yellow "prepared" piping!

The pattern instructions are well written and easy to follow. And I love the photo!

Here is the finished pillow with my copy of Tim Gunn's "A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style" held securely in place! Two ribbons hold the pages open so you can read hands-free and a bright yellow bookmark saves your place.

And sans the book!

The pattern includes a strap that holds the book in place.

One of the two pockets - one to hold your glasses and one to hold your pen! I changed the pattern a tad - instead of sewing the tab/loop that holds the ribbon onto the front of the pillow I sewed the tab/loop into the side seam - I think it makes for a cleaner finish.

One of my favorite lines in Tim's book....

Thanks for having a birthday Nattie - I hope Rome was FUN!!!

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Anonymous said...

didn't you love finishing the pillow? I made one for my son's 12th birthday. It is wonderful...plan on making several as Christmas gifts...