March 1, 2009

Yes - You CAN Sew!

Here are the three beginner projects we designed for the DC Threads Sewing Lounge! With about a yard or so of fabric and an afternoon you can add these new looks to your summer wardrobe! Join us at the Lounge - be a designer!

Super simple summer shirt - two rectangles, a yard of ribbon, two side seams, a casing for the ribbon, and a hem! That's it! I raided my stash and found this a medium weight cotton batik from G-Street!

Inspiration came from these - McCall's and Micheal Kors

A quick drawstring skirt - made of another stash cut - a black cotton damask.

Two tiny buttonholes for the drawstrings but you could also use grommets

And then the famous bag! An original design by Allison.

Another stash favorite - African print with gold paint embellishment!

As seen in the far reaches of Nicaragua - Ah Bueno!!!!

At the La Concorida sewing lounge for the Casa de Materna - made on treadle machines!

So join us at the Sewing Lounge!!!

1 comment:

JC said...

Hi Laura. I love that bag! And the top is cute (I just don't have the figure for it!). Once I finish my pillow, I'd like to try making that bag. And hats off that it's an original design by Allison. Take care.