March 15, 2009

Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution!!!

Twenty more talented and enthusiastic sewists showed up for DC Threads yesterday! The folks that came through the door are some of the most genuinely nice, curious and talented people I have met in a long time! We had every age and level of expertise represented, we again had a couple of three generations sit down and tackle projects together, and this weekend we boasted our first Y chromosome!!! Nice!

Many, many, many, many thanks to our terrific volunteers who help keep the amazing energy in the room from turning into sheer chaos!! We are not worthy of your talent!!

The "Breezy Simple Summer Blouse" was a big hit! We hope to see 15 beauties stroll in next month wearing their new, chic creations.

Here are some pics from the day!!

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Julia said...

just found your blog. I was in DC last week. Wish I had known about you then. I'll keeep reading. looks like a fun blog