March 3, 2009

Ya Got No Excuses! Learn to Sew!

Thanks to Ann @ Ann's Fashion Studio in Brrrrrrrunswick Canada for compiling this list of FREE instructional sewing videos. So, in between events at the DC Threads Sewing Lounge (but, of course, NEVER instead of!) you can stay put, holed up in your studio/bedroom/closet (wherever you can eek out a space for creativity) and LEARN TO SEW!
Click on the The Adventures of Sally Stitch for more information about the videos!

Stitch on!


Anonymous said...

since pr might not ever be back on, might as well watch there an evil character I will love to hate?

JC said...

Hi Laura. I just nominated your blog for a sisterhood award. Someone nominated mine sometime Wed, and I just finished posting it. You can check my blog out for all of the details. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement.