February 8, 2009

Next Up! The Pressure is On!

If I post it --- I will sew it!!!

Here's my latest challenge from my American Sewing Guild crew - I asked my ASG crew to choose a design for me to complete this season from four looks that I offered up. This is the inspiration they chose (I love Michael):

The fabric and the pattern are below. The original design features a cap sleeved vest/jacket. I decided that I would get much more wear from a cap sleeved dress with a sleeveless vest - - artistic license???? The original pattern I chose was McCall's 5466. Good fortune was tracking with me last week. Just before I was about to cut out the garment I happened upon "The Slapdash Sewist" and saw this post "McCall's 5466 Pleat Neck Buyer Beware" ! Talk about good karma!

I'm still searching for the vest pattern. And, oh yea, divine intervention for a pristine welt pocket!!!

Tonight I am diving into the project with a 'muslin' from this robin's egg blue herringbone tweed that I purchased in NYC three years ago. I bought FIVE yards of this fabric - what was I thinking????

Okay then - - - - take a seat and start to sew - D*$& it!

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Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I am so curious to see how that Simplicity will come out! I have a wool challis that I think would be great in it, but now I'm once bitten, twice shy about the style.