February 18, 2009

Listen to Isaac - LEARN TO SEW!!!!!!

Listen to this man - he is a GENIUS!

Click on his mouth and hear his wisdom!


Anonymous said...

I just want to thank any person that had anything to do with linking this Isaac response. I was learning to sew and loved it. I thought about it day and night and couldn't get enough. I was sewing for my two-year old and was feeling great until I ran into a pattern that completely stressed me. I felt bad because I couldn't do it and I just put up my sewing machine. It 's been 3 months and I think about sewing every day. I'm just so discouraged and afraid that I haven't picked it up. I'm starting to feel like going back and needed some encouragement and this was spot on!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. God works in mysterious ways because I just stumbled across this blog. Take Care and I'm going to begin going to the DC Threads lounge. Take Care! Nekimo

Sylvia said...

It was such a refreshing speech to hear! I am new to sewing but want to pass it on to my daughter and I think it's such a lost art with all the other crap to entertain kids.. Long live hand crafts!