March 2, 2007

Fair Trade Fashion Event - Highlighting Fashion from Developing Countries

On Wednesday evening Priya Patel and her colleagues at the World Bank produced a terrific fashion show highlighting garments and accessories from craftspersons and producers from developing countries. The show as a huge success and provided the audience with a deep appreciation of the skill and talent of artisans from all over the world but also highlighted the obstacles facing these producers. A packed auditorium (over 500) viewed a moving documentary from Priya's recent trip to Kenya where she visited the Khaame group, a community based initiative set up to help HIV orphaned children based in the Eastern Province of Kenya. The initiative has helped single parents by giving the women jobs making baskets and the men jobs weaving ropes. The profits they make on the selling of the baskets and ropes is then shared amongst the orphans and their families. Click here to see the slideshow of Priya's trip.

Check out some photos of the show!

Also be sure to visit Pangea Market, the World Bank gift shop that sells divine objects from artisans from developing countries.

For more information about the Priya's work check out her blog!

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