March 12, 2007

Come See, Come Sew!

Capital Sew and Sew's neighborhood open sewing studio met for the first time this weekend! Six sewists christened my new sewing space - Charlotte, Shane, Isabella, Misi, Hannah, and Thomas. After everyone arrived we talked briefly about what they would like to make and how much sewing experience they had. Having spent several days going through all my long lost fabric I had accumulated several piles of fabric that I was ready to pass long to new 'owners'! The kids chose from my 're-gifted' fabric as well as from a couple of more updated pieces that I picked up at the fabric store on Saturday just for the Come See, Come Sew! After selecting fabric they rummaged through my pattern box - and then took off designing and stitching! The two hours flew by! Charlotte and Shane sewed straight skirts with elastic waistbands. Thomas selected a red cotton with a subtle black plaid for a pair of drawstring pants. I offered up a quick tutorial about matching plaids and the importance of aligning the pattern with the grainline - especially with plaids.
Isabelle and her friends totally rocked as they worked together on a great skirt with terrific design elements (see the peek-a-boo lace detail).

Some finished our projects and others gathered up their work and headed home to finish. They promised to bring their completed garments to our next Come See, Come Sew!

So, from my perspective, we had a great day. I love seeing folks get excited about sewing and I love to share with folks what I know about sewing. My prediction is that these sewists will surpass me soon!


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