January 13, 2010

The Traveling Ghana Pants

Kristen (of Young Women's Drumming Empowerment fame) is headed to Ghana to live out a life long dream! But before she left she asked me to make her a pair of pants with some of her favorite African fabric.
Of course, I said.
So you know that there's always a catch. A rub. A fly in the ointment. She wanted me to copy her favorite pants - that happen to be a VERY well worn pair of knit cropped palazzo pants - sort of like these but in shreds!
But her African fabric is a woven cotton in very limited yardage! Perhaps you see the issue.....

So I drafted a ruboff from her well loved palazzo pants - all I had to work with was her waist, hip and inseam measurements - no real time for fitting. And, much to my complete surprise, the result was a pair of pants that she loved and, if I do say myself, fit her superbly! TOTAL LUCK!

I wish I had a photo of her in them last night as she was dancing around and packing but that will have to wait 'til either she posts some photos on her Drum Lady blog or 'til she gets back to the States!

These will have to do for now!

Although there was a side zipper, because we didn't have time for a proper fitting, I added a decorative tie on the back waistband (you can barely see it in the photo below) that allows her to make subtle adjustments to the waist of the pants.

I love a successful crisis sewing project!



ClaireOKC said...

The fabric is gorgeous, and can't wait to see a picture of her in the pants. (hint, hint!!!)

gwensews said...

Wow--you are incredible! If I had tried to copy old, stretched out knit pants AND make a new pair from a woven--I am sure the restuls would not be good. Nice job!

Meg said...

Very nice and so considerate of you to make these for her.

SewRuthie said...

Great pants, and good for hot weather.