November 25, 2009

Mrs. O Slams It AGAIN!

Seriously D.C. - WE HAVE STYLE!

Naeem Khan

Isaac Mizrahi

J.Crew (sweater) and Rachel Roy (skirt)


Gorgeous Things said...

She is so gorgeous. I'm not sold on the belted cardigans, but hey, that's just me. That strapless dress is TDF

Laura Lee said...

TDF is correct - in fact I think I stopped breathing for moment when I saw the photos! I share your "not so much" comment about the belted cardigan but she seems to pull it off EVERY time!

Meg said...

She looked fabulous as always. I do like the cardigans on her, but then again I'm a cardigan gal myself.

Unknown said...

Wow! I love that strapless gown so much more than her inauguration one. Stunning!

ClaireOKC said...

Mrs. O is always in good style - it's getting so we expect's a headline when she isn't in good style.

BUT - The Issac words: "Learn to Sew"...OMG - how sage is this. I know there is the comeback from designers that learning to sew will hold them back because they will think, "Oh gee, I know how to sew, and I know you can't do this or that," Well, I don't think that's true. For me the real trouble with RTW today is that most of the designers who design for the mall RTW shops, do not know how to sew, and the garments are made so poorly, even though the walk-out-of-the-store price looks great, it lasts for one or two wearings, and that is really much more expensive than something that might cost a little more and has some great workmanship to it so you could wear it year after year after year.

Oh dear - my age is going to show here - but remembering back a number of decades, it was expected that RTW was made very well. It lasted - year after year. The RTW I alter in my business today - even the expensive stuff, is so poorly made, I'm in shock that it lasted through two or three sessions in the changing room!

I loved the little video from Issac. I met him once and he is as generous in person as he is on these videos!