June 21, 2009

Theme Dressing - ISO an Intervention or 12 Step Program!

Okay, OKAY - I admit I have this odd need to try to construct garments for many of the events I attend. Oft times the garment is an appropriate fashion chioce but then there are the times (not infrequent) when I find myself "theme stitching". Usually, I hope, the final product is "appropriate" (whatever that means) - age, taste, theme! But really - is any theme sewing/dressing appropriate? Really? You decide. Here are some examples of last year's "theme dressing":

The Fourth of July "Save the Baby Skeets" T-shirt (BTW - we won a case of wine for that event! - not sayin' my T-shirt had anything to do with it though!)

And there's my fav - the Obama Dress! Sorry - THAT one was TOTALLY appropriate!

And my most recent (and probably the genesis of this self-absorbed post) - the Alohoa Paddling Pants for the NCA Monumental Outrigger Canoe race - - -

Here's the back story on the paddlin' pants:

Here are my FAVORITE hiking and paddling pants.

I desperately wish I had bought 2 pair! Didn't! So I have wanted to try to "rub" a pattern from them forever. So, Saturday morning before the race I decided I would try to make a copy and, as theme sewing chance would have it, that I also NEEDED to make something to wear to the race (see - I definitely need that intervention - who gets up at 6:30 am the day of a race and decides to make a pattern and a garment to wear by 10:30?)

So here is a photo of the muslin pattern on the fabric. So the fabric has a story too. Sis, Sue, left us all for 2 years to live in Palau - another story - and she sent to me some fabric she found at a local shop. I have waited for the perfect garment to present itself and, well, I think it speaks for itself!

Here are the finished pants. I love how they look lying flat - however, they don't fit as well as the original pair (granted I only had about 20 minutes to fit them as I didn't really get started cutting and sewing until about 2 hours before I needed to head out). The closure is just an opening for the draw string waist. I added about 4 inches of elastic in the middle of the drawstring - that seemed to help avoid the typical drawstring sack look. I don't have a photo of how they look "on" but it wasn't too awful as I wore them in public!

Got a bunch of compliments on them - mostly due to the print of the fabric - an objective measure of success for us theme sewists!!!

Here is our team - DC PoWeR (Paddlin' Women Rock)

I gotta say - not my best fashion statement but then again - the homies from the boat house are all 'bout fun in the water and nuttin' 'bout the fashion!

Peace out!


Alicia said...

I'm a total theme-dresser so, as far as I'm concerned, it's fine. But, yeah, sometimes it's hard to judge where the line is between "fitting in" and wearing a costume. Especially the night before when adding just a little more seems like such a great idea. As a little kid I hated going to any place where there were people in costume - Williamsburg, Disney World, the like - because my horrid parents wanted me to wear things like shorts and tee shirts. Probably explains why I love Ren Faires and have been seriously considering what I'll be packing for my family's upcoming trip to Disney. Sigh. I figure as long as I'm having fun and DH is willing to be seen with me (he's a surprisingly good judge of fashion) then I'm good. And it is fun!

The Fru-Gals said...

I am in love with this post. I think all theme dressers should come out of the closet.

I just went through some outfit trauma to find the proper outfit for summer camp drop off: I am the Mom, so I should wear a skirt, but it is New Hampshire, so khakis are a good choice, but I've gained a few pounds and my favs are too snug, and I am all about the espadrilles this summer, but open toed platform shoes in and around the gnarly tree roots....so after shedding a giant pile of Not Quites...wore a khaki skirt, with a tshirt, cute belt and the espadrilles, but not the really high ones.

I should mention that the men in my life not only DO NOT have these problems BUT ALSO DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY I DO.