June 18, 2009

DC Threads Hits Artomatic

DC Threads hit the road last night and became a part of art history in DC - the first Sewing Lounge at Art-o-Matic! We set up shop on the 3rd floor with the Wednesday night Stitch 'n Bitchers and spent the evening stitchin' up a storm! Many thanks to Rebecca and Lauren for making the magic happen and to all the knitters who tolerated all of our stuff! We are set to be back next Wednesday - June 24th - for another round! Check out the details here - Quilt-0-matic at Art-o-matic

Check out the awesome quilt squares we built for the 1st annual Art-o-matic Quilt-o-matic!

See you next Wednesday!!!!!


JC said...

Nice quilts. This is a great opportunity and good exposure. Now, Allison and/or Laura--maybe I can get a quick quilting "boot camp" when I return. Very pretty quilts.

Tee said...

Congrats on your success!

Anonymous said...

Much more appealing than the sorry effort the Nats were putting on across the street!