January 31, 2009

You Da Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

The most important woman in my life turns 86 today! WOOOOO HOOOO!!

Alas, what do you give a woman who has everything? Faced with that reality and a pledge to try to make as many gifts as possible this year (and beyond) I headed into my sewing room to think! And sitting there on top of one of my many " stacks of stuff" was a beautiful hank of hand-dyed and handspun wool that my mom had gifted to me last summer after she and my niece, E, visited the artisan's farm and studio! Voile - the makings of a heartfully-made gift! Hope you enjoy the pillow, Mom - I loved making it for you!!!!

Mom (showing off her daughter's latest creation), Edie Rokus (another incredible woman - - the one who taught me to sew), and me during a visit to Edie's house in Virginia!

The gift - a knitted panel made from hand-dyed and spun wool backed with a beautiful violet/blue and gold iridescent velvet - yummy.

The wool and tools!

The blocked square panel.

I interfaced the wool panel to reduce stretching and wear-and-tear.

Attaching the velvet backing. I love, love, love velvet but it is sometimes pesky to work with!

All finished and ready to be packed up for the trip south with XXOO!!!

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JC said...

Hi Laura. It's Joan. What a way to honor your mother :-). I know that you must be very grateful for her. I have lots to post on the blog-I started a project by myself today (a KwikSew pillow pattern). I've got pics and hope to have them on the blog next week. I am so looking forward to the next DC threads.

Not sure if you've seen this yet, but the Silver Spring group is having a major change. Here's the link:


Take care and thanks for all of yoru support. -Joan.