December 21, 2008

I Knit....

...and I like!

I picked up the needles and yarn while Mom was recuperating from surgery. I was terrible at first. How do you tell the difference between a knit and purl? How do you pick up a dropped stitch? And I had alot of them! So I decided that the first 4 projects would be felted! Oh what a forgiving craft! So I knitted and felted a hat and three bags!
The hat was my first project - thanks to the ladies in the Danville, Pa knitting circle who shared their love of knitting, their expertise, and their stories with me while I worried about my mom!

I am first and foremost a sewist so getting to line the bags was icing on the cake!! Here with a great grey windowpane Dupioni silk.

And these two with batiks...

And then my BS (beloved spouse) asked if I could knit him "old school" golf club covers for Christmas! Gawd - like I can say no? No - to a Christmas present? No - implying I can't do it? Hell, No!!! So, after a long month of starts and stops, misses and groans.....

A giant Rastafarian pom pom!

A labor of love! Old school! He was very forgiving!

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