August 18, 2008

My Other Passion - Reckless Abandon Dancing

Those of you who really know me appreciate (and tolerate) my love of dancing! Not the elegant, graceful dancing of "dancers" but my "reckless abandon" approach to interacting with music! Flip on Van Morrison, Todd Rundgren, Bruce, Madonna (old Madonna, that is), the Talking Heads, the B 52's, the Stones, or the Fine Young Cannibals and there is no telling what will happen.

So, I share with you this video clip. I am not certain why - but I sorta "welled up" (in a wonderful way) as I watched this guy dance his way to, and through, people's hearts and smiles!! How great would it be to be this guy??? I hope he realizes how incredibly fortunate he is to have seen all those wonderful places and, also, to have shared the gift of "reckless abandon dancing" with them!!!


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