July 23, 2007

American Sewing Guild - July 2007

Wow, these women are talented! Another great American Sewing Guild meeting at G-Street on Sunday. Rejeana Tinsley shared her expertise (and I mean EXPERTise) about creating and fitting a sloper. I, happily, was her human mannequin! Now my task is to complete my new well-fitted sloper by September (I feel another crisis sewing project coming on)! And then came "Sew and Tell" - my favorite part of the meeting! So much talent!!! Enjoy!!


Stephanie said...

I've been wanting to make one of these meetings (or the flying bobbins ) for a while. Every month though something comes up. Maybe when things slow down in the Fall I'll be able to join you. I think it seems like a wonderful opportunity to learn some really useful techniques.

Linda said...

Great slide show! Looks like an interesting meeting.